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> Michael Shiloh wrote:
> > I will help support you in any way I can. Yes, we can absolutely set up
> > a mailing list for you to coordinate amongst yourselves. I will also
> > make myself more immediately available to the wiki editors, so that
> > questions can be answered as rapidly as possible.
> Hiya Michael,
> Quick question: what exactly is Brenda's role?
> This leads me to believe it's Brenda's full-time job (as in,
> employment), to be the wiki editor, organize the articles, etc., so we
> certainly would value her insights and opinions. We certainly aren't
> trying to muscle in on her territory, but just willing to lend a hand to
> what is a daunting, gigantic challenge of finding and editing a LOT of
> information.
> Secondly, Michael can you coordinate with whoever is in charge of the
> wiki software to include the plugin I mentioned last night:
> One of my own agenda points as a wiki editor is to get an
> offline-capable version of the wiki available for download to install on
> the SD card -- perhaps we could even build it up as an opkg
> documentation bundle or something. That'd be slick, with "opkg update &&
> opkg upgrade" being able to upgrade the documentation on the phone.
> > Wiki editors, do you have a request for the list name? How about
> > openmoko-wiki-editors?
> Since "openmoko" is already in the domain name, perhaps just
> "wiki-editors at" would be sufficient?
> -id

Just wiki at
wiki-editors sounds like an official title and that may dissuade people from
Also, surely this list would not exclude wiki-reviews,
wiki-graphic-designers, wiki-proofreaders, etc.

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