Wiki editors

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Jul 16 07:40:05 CEST 2008

Matt Joyce wrote:
>     Michael Shiloh wrote:

>      > Wiki editors, do you have a request for the list name? How about
>      > openmoko-wiki-editors?
>     Since "openmoko" is already in the domain name, perhaps just
>     "wiki-editors at
>     <mailto:wiki-editors at>" would be sufficient?
>     -id
> Just wiki at <mailto:wiki at>.
> wiki-editors sounds like an official title and that may dissuade people 
> from joining.
> Also, surely this list would not exclude wiki-reviews, 
> wiki-graphic-designers, wiki-proofreaders, etc.

... and wiki-maintainers, as someone already posted

I second Matt's observation

+1 on wiki at

consensus from those of you who volunteered?


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