A Few Questions (Regarding images, wpa_supplicant, and core programs)

malane at purdue.edu malane at purdue.edu
Wed Jul 16 07:59:33 CEST 2008

Here are a few questions as I'm getting myself situation with the FreeRunner:

1. My Messages program seems to take forever to load text messages from a
contact.  Loading the list of contacts is great, and writing SMS to a contact
also works well, but when I click to view the list of all text messages received
(read texts), the program loads incredibly slow.

2. I'm also getting some bugs where my screen will lose it's "full screen"
effect (the AUX button's fullscreen toggle has no effect) and a mouse cursor
appears, and I'm unable to switch back to my Home program.

3.  Sometimes when power management is set on dim & lock, my phone will go
asleep and will not wake up.  I have to tap the power button to wake it up into
the lock screen, and thereafter my GSM will not work.

4. My wpa_supplicant is a bit old (0.5.5) and does not seem to provide PEAP
support.  I was told that a newer wpa_supplicant was compiled with PEAP support
(0.6.x I believe) but I cannot seem to update it from the repository.

Should I just be using a newer image?  Will that fix the majority of my
problems?  And if so, what image is popular (other than qtopia)?  I'd prefer to
use the 2007.2 build as I like how it looks.


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