Reason for GPS problems found!

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Wed Jul 16 08:12:28 CEST 2008

> Ever thought about I might feel personally offended by you  
> publically assuming
> I sell hw I *know* or even have suspect there is a HW-bug in it.

Nope.  I have not ever made that assumption.  I assumed you didn't  
know you had been selling buggy hardware.  Thats the problem.

> Did you consider the public image that's being created by a  
> statement like "Ah
> well, this seems not to work. So the brick is useless for me. Damn  
> the day I
> bought it"

If you can't understand why people would be frustrated to learn that  
something as simple as testing GPS with the SD Card in the phone  
hasn't been done, then you shouldn't be selling hardware.

Jay Vaughan

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