Reason for GPS problems found!

Brian C brianwc at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jul 16 09:10:13 CEST 2008

Jay Vaughan wrote:
[at least a dozen messages today alone]

Wow, Jay.  I think it may be time to step away from the computer and
calm down.  There may be a complete fix for this within a few days, so
there's little reason to write antagonistic messages to the very people
who are working hard to fix this.  It can't help their motivation to
work on an issue to know that they are working on it for people who seem
to have nothing but anger and complaints for them.  The phone has only
been on *sale* 12 days, only 7 of which were actual normal business
days.  For there to be numerous messages on this list today from
employees indicating that both a software and hardware fix are in the
works is pretty remarkable response time.  Let's see what the official
resolution is.  If it's somehow inadequate, then complain all you want,
but right now we don't even know what resolution will be provided.  I
tend to doubt that OpenMoko intends to begin this broader launch by
alienating its best customers by refusing to resolve this to people's
satisfaction.  Deep breaths...


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