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Wed Jul 16 09:23:18 CEST 2008

Dear Matt:
Openmoko Wiki just like WIKIPEDIA ( 
Wiki) is a public place everyone can create page , and edit.
Actually , on Openmoko wiki, we have thousand pages. Some topic(page) is 
very popular , many people maintains the same page, so it updated soon.
And some page takes long time to complete, so difficult to tell if this 
page is complete or not?

Here is the rule I used ,
1.To use the wiki "History "function, find out this page's status.
2.Pages only have title, no content, more then half years, no one edit , 
I delete it.
Then , if anyone , want to create this topic, can create the new page , 
3.Use Google Analytic , to tell which page is most popular , and mail 
Google analytic page view report to community mailing list.


Openmoko Wiki has thousand pages,
Matt Joyce ??:
> I found this yesterday, thought it was quite an ok article.
> This stood out for me "*The tangled pile of mostly outdated and 
> incomplete documentation at the OpenMoko wiki*..."
> Is this an accurate evaluation of the wiki ?
> If so, what can we do to fix it up, how do we identify old content and 
> schedule it for updating?
> Matt
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