Reason for GPS problems found!

Kalle Happonen kalle.happonen at
Wed Jul 16 09:42:35 CEST 2008

Marcus Bauer wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-07-16 at 08:45 +0200, Kalle Happonen wrote:
>>> Its really pretty important that the communication on this issue *not*  
>>> diverge into hate and vitriol towards customers, because to those who  
>>> are observing the OpenMoko project - not participating - the SD+GPS  
>>> testing issue is a *huge* screw up.
>> No, the SD+GPS issue is a bug. Admittedly a somewhat nasty bug, but 
>> nothing extraordinary. The Debian key generation vulnerability was a 
>> *huge* screw up.
> I don't follow your view. The Debian ssh bug was all but obvious. That's
> why it went for a long time unnoticed.
Not being obvious doesn't mean it isn't a huge screw up. Small things 
can mean huge implications. The Debian bug immideately cut the 
foundation of a huge amount of security that relies on this, worldwide 
and in critical applications. Keys are expected to be practically 
uncrackable, and a *lot* is built on this assumption, so correct key 
generations should be a no-brainer (20-20 hindsight, I admit). So the 
debian bug was a huge screw up, but luckily I think it was fixed with a 
bad scare in most cases.

> However, the GPS is a basic feature and its malfunctioning is very
> obvious. If you buy a new car and the engine doesn't run you'll wonder
> if anybody ever drove around with it.
Well, if you buy a beta first customer release car and the gps isn't 
working when you play a cd, You might think crap! well luckily they 
promised a fix in the end of the week, in time for the weekend trip to 
my parents.
> The same goes for making phone calls: there is quite often a buzzing
> sound on the far end and it can be really bad. Unless you don't care
> about the people you are calling the Neo is not usable as your daily
> phone.
This IMHO is a much bigger problem, which has caught much less attention.
> Then there are the phones with a GSM modem that constantly re-registers.
> And there is still no word about which headsets are usable with the Neo.
> Don't mix up freedom with broken hardware!
Don't mix first release beta phones with big-company market ready 
devices (which sometimes are "market ready" themselves, even with a lot 
more resources).

I think this is just a bit bigger case of the whole gta02v5 vs gta02v6 
led issue, that when quickly resolved actually was forgotten and even 
the word "issue" is too strong.

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