Will SD/GPS issue affect delivery of next build?

Torsten Sievers openmoko at torsten-sievers.de
Wed Jul 16 10:02:56 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 15 July 2008 18:50:58 Crane, Matthew wrote:
> It sounds like it's electrical.  (embedded sw guys love saying that..)
> But depending how far along the next build is or isn't we could expect
> FIC to hold up further progress until a fix is implemented.
> I hope the upcomming 850/900 phones is not delayed extra weeks in order
> to fix this problem.
> Personally, I don't care.  But I'd like to know either way.

Well. Personall I DO care. The shop says that the Phones are sold out and will 
be avail. on 25th again. I would prefer to get a fixed one and wait a bit 
longer for the device. I waited already so long to hold it in my hands, so I 
certainly will not complain about 2-3 add. weeks.

@openmoko-team: Keep up the good work and happy bug-hunting.


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