Reason for GPS problems found!

john jptmoore at
Wed Jul 16 10:20:33 CEST 2008

I also believe the GPS is a core feature of the phone and one area I
am slightly disappointed in is the testing. For example, there are
some experienced users of GPS here and some who have used GPS on the
1973 since it became usable. Were prototype Freerunners sent out to
these people? If so how many and what response was given back from
their testing? I remember seeing a prototype Freerunner at an event in
London and asked about the GPS performance but it was not something
the developer had tried due to other developer commitments. I think
this type of bug could have been spotted by user tests before mass
production. Okay it may not have identified the cause but it would
have confirmed something was up with the GPS before mass production.


2008/7/16 Marcus Bauer <marcus.bauer at>:
> However, the GPS is a basic feature and its malfunctioning is very
> obvious. If you buy a new car and the engine doesn't run you'll wonder
> if anybody ever drove around with it.

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