A Few Questions (Regarding images, wpa_supplicant, and core programs)

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Wed Jul 16 11:18:47 CEST 2008

> 3.  Sometimes when power management is set on dim & lock, my phone will  
> go
> asleep and will not wake up.  I have to tap the power button to wake it  
> up into
> the lock screen, and thereafter my GSM will not work.

i am given to understand, that this is the intended behaviour.
in fact, the screen is rather sensitive and every slight tap causes it to  
light up, which consumes quite some power, i'd believe. so, with dim&lock  
after a while the fr goes into suspend awakening by pressing pwr only (or  
calls, tried yesterday).
otoh when in suspend with sim the fr keeps waking up (ir?)regularly -- and  
despite the battery icon showing about 50% my fr was discharged this  
morning (~8h sleep). don't know when the power went out.
after rebooting dim&lock does not work anymore (no suspend). instead it  
only dims.

> 4. My wpa_supplicant is a bit old (0.5.5) and does not seem to provide  
> support.  I was told that a newer wpa_supplicant was compiled with PEAP  
> support
> (0.6.x I believe) but I cannot seem to update it from the repository.

the defconfig of wpa_supplicant 0.4.9 ()in those sources downloaded by  
mokomakefile, which not always seems to catch the newest ones) too had  
peap enabled. so either that is cahnged when building the official  
packages or there's more to it than just ther wpa_supplicant being  
capable. request for peap on fullblown computers i've seen frequently  
mention Xsupplicant as additional tool. i don't use peap (in fact, i don't  
even know what it does), so no help here.

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