Better keyboard?

Jim Morris ml at
Wed Jul 16 11:39:45 CEST 2008

Thomas Seiler wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> thanks for testing!
> Indeed, I dont seem to wait for the popup window to be mapped before
> drawing onto it.
> This is a bug (tm) of type race condition. (The Freerunner has a
> faster CPU, and the bug gets visible :-)
> Bug is identified, will post a fix later today...
> If you want to fine tune the color scheme, that can be changed quite
> easily without recompiling the keyboard.
> The XML keyboard definition files contain a block similar to this:
> <theme font="#ff6600"
>  	    border="#444444"
>  	    key="#000000"
>  	    keyup="#333333"
>  	    keydown="#222222"
>  	    background="#111111"/>

Where is this file? Can I edit it in place and just restart X?

I think a higher contrast color scheme may be better for my eyes.

Jim Morris,

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