Reason for GPS problems found!

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Jul 16 11:55:03 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 16 July 2008, Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
> 2008/7/15 Joerg Reisenweber <joerg at>:
> > The good news: *IF* all pans out, there's (or soon will be) a new kernel
> > at Andy branch that stops SD-card clock when SDcard is idle. We hope this
> > will almost cure the problem, at least reduce it to sth like "you can't
> > GPS while watching video from SD" or the like (hope you can cope with
> > that ;).
> This will still be a problem for those GPS applications loading big
> maps from SD, I assume.

Only if the GPS app is trying to read maps from SD during the time the GPS is 
getting the initial fix. Once we have the fix the required signal level is 
lower, so even with the SD enabled the GPS holds a fix better than my Garmin 
Geko. Sounds like an easy one to work around to me.

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