Provider missed calls messages

smurfy - phil openmoko at
Wed Jul 16 13:13:34 CEST 2008


it could be a cell broadcast, but i know that is buggy in the moment.

try if you using 2007.02:

on the OM-Terminal or at a ssh shell:

libgsmd-tool -m atcmd

then insert:


you should see after a few seconds:

So Cellbroadcasts are enabled now.

and now wait a while (2min or so)
if you don't get a message like:

Incoming immediate-display cell-wide Cell Broadcast message in LANGUAGE 
(page 1 of 1)

there is no default broadcasts :)

now try to reproduce the phonecall mailbox thing.

even its no cellbroadcast you maybe see a message pops up in the 
libgsmd-tool that helps you to identify how your provider sends you the
you have new missed calls :)

libgsmd-tool is a nice tool to debug whats happens with gsm :)

hope this helps.


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