Operation without battery (GTA02)

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Wed Jul 16 15:54:41 CEST 2008

Am Mi  16. Juli 2008 schrieb Alexey Feldgendler:
> I have two 100% reproducible issues with my GTA02.
> 1. When running with the battery in (charged enough) and a USB cable  
> plugged into a computer, removing the battery makes the phone die. It  
> seems to turn off several seconds after the battery is removed.
Probably GSM trying to pull ~2A for transmitting.
This will make the device shut down instantly.
Try disabling GSM!

> If the   
> battery is replaced quickly enough, the phone doesn't turn off. While the  
> battery is disconnected, some things still run and some seem to stop; e.g.  
> the GPS chip stops sending NMEA sentences but continues doing so when the  
> battery is put back.
> 2. When the phone is off with no battery in it, plugging the USB cable  
> connected to a computer makes the phone emit a buzzing noise. The noise  
> continues until the cable is disconnected. The phone won't start up in  
> this state, not even in the NOR menu. I remember a similar issue in GTA01,  
> but GTA02 was supposed to work without a battery.
That's related to the "can't startup on flat battery"-issue. Please refer to 
this thread.

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