GTA01BV4 died, please help me.

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed Jul 16 15:58:09 CEST 2008

Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> Am Mi  16. Juli 2008 schrieb Michael Shiloh:
>> Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
>>> This shouldn't cause any problem on GTA02 (on GTA01 there were some scream 
> of 
>>> death issues when removing bat while charged IIRC). At least we have no 
>>> reports on this so far, I myself do remove bat while on charger 
> frequently - 
>>> no harm.
>> The original post is regarding a GTA01 in fact.
> Sorry, my fault
> Yes GTA01 is reported to be problematic on removal of bat while charging. You 
> shouldn't do this. Alas this is "before my time" and I can't actually 
> remember all the details I've been reading on this, nor could I tell about 
> possible harm caused by this.
> /jOERG

Harald Welte told me at the Chaos Camp that the device would reset 
itself in a very fast loop. Actually in audible regions.
It would power on, cpu would start and initiate some checks. Finds out 
that there is no battery power and reset. (Well at least something like 
I belive the cpu was somehow dependent on something that was powered 
only via battery. Not sure...

But as far as i remember it was then planned to fix this with later 
versions. Which is probably what has been done.

However. Fast reboots would probably not be too harmful.
But hearing electric systems make audible noises makes me cringe. I 
don't want to have this happen to my device. :)

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