Battery Lifetime

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Wed Jul 16 17:07:28 CEST 2008

thomasg wrote:
> Where ever you think you might have heard this: it's bullshit.
> Complete bullshit.
Which of this? I agree with Scott, well, in a more understanding, and 
smiling way but still. I took the phone from the charger this morning, 
and it's almost dead now at the end of the workday, without me having 
used it at all. But I know there's work on improving this, and some nice 
results too, and I'm ok with this now. For real use, the current battery 
life just doesn't work in most cases.

As for the other stuff in the mail, people have been fighting with sim 
cards, gsm (o/), gps (o/).

But not to worry, improvement is on the way, and the speed that this 
moves on with the openmoko team and the community, I'm pretty sure this 
(and most other issues) will be solved sooner than later.

> On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 4:19 AM, Scott Derrick <scott at 
> <mailto:scott at>> wrote:
>     I'm amazed that more isn't being said about the battery lifetime
>     people
>     are seeing?
>     I just read an article in Information Week that cited a large poll
>     concerning users of mobile devices.  What was the number 1 issue, far
>     and above any other issue people are concerned about and want to see
>     improvement.  Yes, battery life.
>     The times I've seen posted here are pathetic!  8 hours of standby!
>     Christ, my MotoQ has almost 8 hours of active phone time!  8 hours of
>     standby makes the FR a toy at best.
>     I realize that a lot of people are just trying to get the unit to
>     accept
>     a sim card, or make a call,  get a gps fix, etc..  But I seriously
>     can't
>     use it as anything but a desk toy with that kind of battery life.
>     Is there an ACPI or some other kind of power monitor built in that is
>     granular enough for somebody to work on this problem using software?
>     Scott
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