Reason for GPS problems found!

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Kudos to Edward.

This is an OpenSource phone, not a punched out template of a crappy OS that is locked down to the corporate owner.

If you do not have the patience to handle the pros & cons of an opensource device that will (hopefully) be in development for a long time (that's the point right?) then maybe this phone is not for you. Seeing how this is the FIRST time this phone-product has ever happened, listreaders are smart enough to know this would not be perfect and everything would not work flawlessly. 

Being impatient on fixes and "demanding" fixes immediately is not supportive of the OM Team, nor is it encouraging or supportive to the developer community. Be a team player, contribute, respond, and be encouraging.


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I just want to get my 2¢ in:

I was very annoyed to receive my FR and found out within hours that it 
was going to be no good for the purpose for which I bought it. 
Especially when, within a few hours, the problem had been identified as 
a hardware interference problem.

I completely turned around when literally the next morning, a potential 
software fix had been found.  Two of them, actually by my count.

You do NOT get tech support like this anywhere else.  Those of you 
pounding your virtual fists on the table and demanding a fix *right now* 
are out of line.  The OpenMoko team is obviously working on it; give 
them a little time.

I for one, am highly impressed with the response this has given.

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