Reason for GPS problems found!

Dave Clark rivalarrival at
Wed Jul 16 19:22:29 CEST 2008

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>>> Its really pretty important that the communication on this issue  
>>> *not*
>>> diverge into hate and vitriol towards customers, because to those who
>>> are observing the OpenMoko project - not participating - the SD+GPS
>>> testing issue is a *huge* screw up.
>> No, the SD+GPS issue is a bug.
> Context:SD+Glamo == No go.
> SD+GPS == No go.
> How many GTA02's have been shipped before this problem was  
> discovered?  How much time wasted trying to get GPS functioning so  
> that development can continue?
>> Admittedly a somewhat nasty bug, but
>> nothing extraordinary.
> If I can't use SD+GPS, its a no-brainer: Freerunner is no longer  
> qualified for my project.  Having spent a year on OpenMoko, thats  
> nasty.  I was willing to give the SD+Glamo issue a slide, but ..
The fix is to shutdown the SD clock when the card is idle. An 
intermittent degradation of the GPS signal while seeking the SD card 
won't have much of an effect - you could keep your maps on the SD card, 
which will come out of idle for a few seconds to load the maps, then go 
back to idle. I haven't seen a GPS device yet, including TomTom and 
Garmin devices, that is completely free of defects during this stage of 
operation. (TomTom "jumps" a few miles ahead or behind, then flies back 
to the proper position. The Garmin device I used "froze" in place for a 
few seconds before zooming ahead)

You probably won't be able to watch videos from the SD card while using 
the GPS, but you will be able to use the SD card after the kernel is 
patched to switch off when not being accessed.

If this bug showed up in any other device during testing, you'd never 
know about it because this kind of testing is hidden from public view.

If this kind of openness disturbs you, you might feel more comfortable 
with a legacy system like the iPhone 3G.
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