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Josh Monson josh.monson at
Wed Jul 16 19:57:59 CEST 2008

Thanks Michael...

I agree with your vision of this list being used for coordination only
amongst ourselves. This list may need to be moderated as far as
membership goes, with input from the community entering via the
community list as you state.


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Vijay Vaidyanathan wrote:
> On Jul 15, 2008, at 10:42 PM, ian douglas wrote:
>  >Michael Shiloh wrote:
>  >>+1 on wiki at <mailto:wiki at>
>  >
>  > +1 here
> Okay with me too ... but I also like the idea that another poster
> i.e. we have a separate group for wiki-maintainers. That way, everyone

> else doesn't get bogged down with our organizational/task management

Hmm. Not sure I want to create more lists. Sean just tried to reduce the

number of lists.

I envision the "wiki" list being used primarily for maintainers to 
coordinate amongst themselves, and for the community to suggest ideas, 
changes, etc.

I don't expect the volume to be terribly high. I expect most community 
members will not subscribe, only those concerned with how the wiki 
looks. I expect wiki comments to come up on the community list and I 
will encourage those discussions be moved to the wiki list.

Perhaps if a community member suddenly gets involved in a wiki page, 
he/she might joing the wiki list while that is being organized, and then

unsubscribe once their contribution is in place.

Do the wiki maintainers have a different view of this wiki list?

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