Reason for GPS problems found!

bburdette at bburdette at
Wed Jul 16 21:11:03 CEST 2008

> You do NOT get tech support like this anywhere else.  Those of you 
> pounding your virtual fists on the table and demanding a fix *right now* 
> are out of line.  The OpenMoko team is obviously working on it; give 
> them a little time.

Amen!  People are jumping to the conclusion that they will have to 
return their phones, etc, when the problem isn't even fully understood 
yet.  It sounds like it can be at least worked around in software, and 
perhaps fully addressed without ever having to open the case.

The fact that user-applied hardware fixes are even being considered is 
impressive to me.  What other manufacturer would contemplate allowing 
such tinkering?

Another point to be made is just like I can run a brand new cutting edge 
linux distro on 1990's hardware (some hardware anyway), we can expect 
current openmoko phones to be supported into the future, even after 
newer hardware is released.  That's part of the beauty of open source. 
You won't get that kind of support with conventional smartphones.  I 
have older smartphones with software bugs that will never be addressed, 
because there's simply no money in it for the manufacturer.

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