unable to start up freerunner after batterie was full down

Jan de Haan jdehaan at zwartkasteel.nl
Wed Jul 16 20:15:14 CEST 2008

Hi All,

   I bricked mine too, and here my experiences in recovering.

I let my freerunner on and aparantly drained it completely: no way it
would start up, battery without or with usb or power supply, nothing

I bought myself a nokia BL-5C (E34,-, thank you very much), plugged
it in and the phone worked again. Only thing left was the original battery.
Changing while running didn't work: everything (screen/button) I touched
caused a complete shutdown. After looking at dmesg and the console
when changing early in the boot process and at
(Read error), I concluded that it's driver would not load with the nokia
and not later.

It cost me several (8-10) tries to boot and change it fast enough
after booting that the original battery was in before the driver loaded
and the battery status file was read properly during the boot.

The original battery is Charging now.



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