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Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Jul 16 21:09:04 CEST 2008

John Reese wrote:
> Josh Monson wrote:
>> Thanks Michael...
>> I agree with your vision of this list being used for coordination only
>> amongst ourselves. This list may need to be moderated as far as
>> membership goes, with input from the community entering via the
>> community list as you state.
> I'm not sure it should be a moderated list.  That goes against the point 
> of a community effort to improve and maintain the wiki.  That said, I 
> think that the wiki@ list should only be for planning and discussion 
> pertaining to wiki maintenance, but should always welcome input on the 
> topic from community members.

Exactly my thought. Anyone is welcome to join, but they should expect 
the content to be focused quite sharply on wiki maintenance issues. 
Discussions that stray out of this topic will be encouraged to move 

I think we're pretty close to consensus here. Let's set up the list and 
move on.

If each of the original volunteers agree I will request a list with the 
title "wiki" to be set up. Please each of you indicate your agreement 
(or not) on the following list:

IIRC these are the volunteers. My apologies if I left anyone off - 
please add yourself:

Josh Monson
John Reese
Torfinn Ingolfsen
Ian Douglas
Jay Vaughan

We at Openmoko really appreciate the community helping in this way. The 
wiki is extremely visible to the public yet our engineers simply have 
not been able to dedicate to it the time it needs. On the other hand, 
the wiki is one example of where the community can have a profound impact.

We really appreciate your help.


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