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Wed Jul 16 21:10:43 CEST 2008

I was thinking moderated to keep noise down on the wiki list, so that
it's clean and efficient communication between the editors so we can
coordinate what we are doing. A lot of people blanket send to all lists,
or send irrelevant information. The input from the community would be
taken from the community list, etc....but either way I suppose we'll get
the job done. 

There was talk about someone at OM already trying to minimize the lists,
so I figured keeping the wiki-editors list to a minimum may help with

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Josh Monson wrote:
> Thanks Michael...
> I agree with your vision of this list being used for coordination only
> amongst ourselves. This list may need to be moderated as far as
> membership goes, with input from the community entering via the
> community list as you state.

I'm not sure it should be a moderated list.  That goes against the point

of a community effort to improve and maintain the wiki.  That said, I 
think that the wiki@ list should only be for planning and discussion 
pertaining to wiki maintenance, but should always welcome input on the 
topic from community members.

John Reese

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