Reason for GPS problems found!

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Thu Jul 17 10:00:50 CEST 2008

> I haven't seen a GPS device yet, including TomTom and
> Garmin devices, that is completely free of defects during this stage  
> of
> operation.

My Becker device has no problems whatsoever reading maps while  
maintaining a very tight fix, and I've driven all over Austria and  
never noticed such an issue.

> (TomTom "jumps" a few miles ahead or behind, then flies back
> to the proper position. The Garmin device I used "froze" in place  
> for a
> few seconds before zooming ahead)

Just because 'other' devices may also have design defects with  
software workarounds doesn't mean much, imho.  We're not coding for  
TomTom or Garmin, we're coding for OpenMoko.  Non-sequitur.

> You probably won't be able to watch videos from the SD card while  
> using
> the GPS, but you will be able to use the SD card after the kernel is
> patched to switch off when not being accessed.

If its a suitable workaround or not can only be judged by actual  
application, not discussion.  The efficacy of this solution to poor  
hardware design can only be judged when the patch makes it into the  
mainstream, and when users - and developers - whiny or otherwise -  
push the fix into action and actually see the results.  Your point  
that we may not even notice the issue is taken; it remains to be seen.

> If this kind of openness disturbs you, you might feel more comfortable
> with a legacy system like the iPhone 3G.

.. or some other open-source cell phone or similarly configured open- 
source, Linux-based devices.  Its not like OpenMoko are the only ones  
who are making a lot of hype about the open nature of the project, and  
its also true that other devices being developed in an open fashion  
have better and worse aspects in terms of hardware design ..  
testing .. and the general snarkiness of their communities.

Jay Vaughan

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