$106 in Brokerage!!?!!?!

Dave O'Connor doc at skynet.ie
Thu Jul 17 18:18:09 CEST 2008

I'll second that. UPS suck in a way that makes Dyson jealous. I ordered a 
10 pack and debug board, rang UPS when the package was in transit to have 
a credit card on the account to cover GST so there'd be no bond fees and 
to give them a business number to negate PST and they seem to have 
not done that because some info they didn't ask for was missing.

Now I've had to email sales at openmoko to get them to resubmit the shipping 
info. This is following the package arriving after their "guaranteed" 
shipping date (grounds for a refund which I might request if they don't 
sort this out) *and* they've mentioned a $50 charge for reprocessing the 
paperwork even though this is their screw up.

I'd recommend buying from koolu[1] just so you don't have to deal with 
UPS but it would still be good if it was changed to allow multiple 
shipping options which I know is no quick change.

[1]I'm not in any way linked with koolu)

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008, Ben Cadieux wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Just figured I would reply again to this to update everyone.  I wasn't
> home that first day they tried delivering it (and left a note
> requesting $106 to be ready for when they come again)...
> The next day they came and said brokerage was $166, not $106 (moving
> the brokerage fee from $58 to $118).  I sent them away, called around,
> and got another broker to handle it.  It's going back to the border
> for re-consignment and it'll be re-delivered to me.
> I can't tell you how angry I am at UPS.  I've had items shipped via
> USPS before and brokerage was very reasonable.  If you guys can
> switch, please do.
> Best Regards,
> Ben Cadieux
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