service with NorthState in NC

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New SIM is your best bet. 


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I'm sending this just in case there is someone trying to use a FreeRunner
with service from NorthState Communications in North Carolina.  They are a
reseller of AT&T service.  I know they used to own the cell towers in their
area.  I'm not sure if they still do.

I can't get my phone to register with their network.  When I use
'libgsmd-tool -m shell' to try to force registration, I get the

# r
EVENT: Netreg searching for network
EVENT: Netreg registration denied
cme error: 32

Here is info on my SIM card:

from AT&T
has the blazing 3G fireball
5 digit SKU: 71234
Manufacturer Code: G
4 digit Vendor/Version: 3022

I tried a friend's SIM card out of his blackberry with service directly from
AT&T, and it worked perfectly.  It has the exact same specs as mine.

I talked with customer service who didn't think there was much they could
They tried doing something with the IMEI number from my FreeRunner which
didn't work.

They're sending me a new SIM card to try, but the tech I talked with said
she didn't think that would help.

If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them along!


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