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Thu Jul 17 21:33:39 CEST 2008

The purpose of user pages is generally for users to tell readers  
about themselves.

"Hi, my name is Bob and I've been an Openmoko user for 2 years. I  
have a PHd in technical writing and I enjoy contributing to the wiki  
in my spare time."

Just look at some of the Wikipedia user pages for fuller examples -  
there they often display "awards" for number of edits made, the  
user's country of origin (even countries they've travelled to!)  
spheres of wiki interest and probably even hobbies!

It is right and logical that user pages shouldn't be indexed.

It is wrong (and "illogical") that zedlock should be listed only on  
Quicksand's user page - it should have a proper page to itself.

I am reminded of my previous post over a reluctance by users to edit  
the wiki - perhaps Quicksand was being modest in not creating a new  
page for his own software, perhaps he didn't wish to create a new  
page because he felt that the wiki "belongs" to Openmoko or to  
Brenda. Whatever, that information should probably be moved to a new  
page (although I have to admit to being reluctant myself to edit  
someone else's userpage!!).


On 17 Jul 2008, at 16:31, Scott Derrick wrote:

> to me a site index is a site index.  If its not complete it should  
> state
> so at the top in bold print.
> It makes no sense to only show some of the Wiki, isn't the point of  
> this
> thing to provide full access to the community?
> Scott
> Scott
> Steven ** wrote:
>> That's a user page.  I can understand why that wouldn't show up in  
>> the
>> index.  Make the zedlock section a real page first.  And tag it with
>> the "Software" category.
>> However, I can't imagine a hand-edited index to ever be accurate for
>> more than a day.  I'd stick with the auto-generated index pages like
>> -Steven

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