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John Reese jreese at
Thu Jul 17 21:43:39 CEST 2008

Stroller wrote:
> The purpose of user pages is generally for users to tell readers  
> about themselves.
> "Hi, my name is Bob and I've been an Openmoko user for 2 years. I  
> have a PHd in technical writing and I enjoy contributing to the wiki  
> in my spare time."
> Just look at some of the Wikipedia user pages for fuller examples -  
> there they often display "awards" for number of edits made, the  
> user's country of origin (even countries they've travelled to!)  
> spheres of wiki interest and probably even hobbies!
> It is right and logical that user pages shouldn't be indexed.
> It is wrong (and "illogical") that zedlock should be listed only on  
> Quicksand's user page - it should have a proper page to itself.

Definitely agreed.

> although I have to admit to being reluctant myself to edit  
> someone else's userpage!!.

Same here, as that's the one area of a public wiki that I still feel 
someone else has "ownership" of;  rare exceptions include 
objectionable/inappropriate content/spam.  However, I should think it 
would not be out of line to copy the content to it's own page, and then 
place a short message/link on the user's page to the new location.

John Reese

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