Wiki editors. Citation needed?

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Thu Jul 17 22:03:55 CEST 2008

On 17 Jul 2008, at 08:24, BrendaWang wrote:
> ...
> 3. I would like to put the Youtube extension , then we can see the  
> video
> on wiki. I would like to know if this useful ? Personal opinion , I  
> like
> to have this.

I'm unclear why an extension is needed - can't YouTube videos simply  
be embedded using HTML? - and don't see *massive* benefits to YouTube  
videos on the wiki.

But I don't see any disadvantages to having YouTube videos on the  
wiki, either. Go for it.

> I plan to put the rating function on wiki. Perhape it can help many
> people who visit wiki , know how other people think this page is  
> useful
> or not.

This is a great idea!


Does the current wiki software allow for templates, like Wikipedia?  
Sorry if this is obvious - perhaps the Openmoko wiki uses exactly the  
same software as Wikipedia?

For instance, sentences in many Wikipedia articles are marked with  
the words "citation needed" - I see from a little searching that this  
superscript is added when someone edits the page to include the tag  
{{cn}} or {{fact}}. Presumably there is a page automatically  
generated somewhere (I can't immediately find this) which shows all  
pages using that tag and this one can easily see all pages requiring  

I feel that a similar feature would be useful for the Openmoko wiki -  
it should probably display "fact check?" rather than "citation  
needed" and new users should be encouraged to mark any sections they  
are unsure of or any steps in the HOWTOs that don't work when they  
follow them.

Likewise I think there should be a template for software entries  
which indicates which firmware images - ASU, 2007.2 &c - the page  
applies to. Just as the Wikipedia entry for the Lotus Elise has an  
inset which states it to mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, each  
software page should say whether the article is *about* one of the  
core firmwares, whether it is steps that can be applied to firmwares  
FSO & ASU (but not to 2007.2, because that one is incompatible with,  
say, gpsd) or whether it's software that can be *installed* on the  
FSO & ASU images (but is preinstalled on 2007.2).

Perhaps I'm horribly confused, but if my horrible confusion over the  
different images at least has the correct basis then this would be  
very beneficial to users.


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