In the press. "The OpenMoko wiki - a tangled pile of mostly outdated and incomplete documentation."

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Thu Jul 17 22:19:27 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I thought to try fixing a small part of this particular problem by  
editing the main page & adding a link to 

But I do not see where to put it! Perhaps it should replace the  
"Current software stack" link to 
NeoSoftwareStack ??

Perhaps these 5 categories:
   Introduction to Openmoko
   Openmoko Products
   Join Openmoko development
   Openmoko community
   Getting started with Openmoko Wiki
should be extended with the addition of "Openmoko software"?

Or perhaps I should just get my hands dirty and change the  
"Introduction to Openmoko" to include the link to "Distributions"? As  
a user I feel reluctant to edit the main page as I feel it "belongs"  
to Openmoko the company or to Brenda, so you must tell me explicitly  
if you wish me to feel free.


On 17 Jul 2008, at 20:00, steve wrote:

> Brenda
>   The main page index does not address Scotts issue.
>   I second scott's criticism of the wiki. It is not organized well.
>   A good start would be a better search engine
> Steve
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> Hi, I am wiki full time editor of Openmoko.
> Thank you for your opinion . I will put more effort , to make wiki  
> more easy
> to use.
> And now , If you want to know what we have on wiki , Please use  
> this Index
> page.
> Brenda
> Scott Derrick ??:
>> Perhaps this is what you seek?
>> This is a great page, one of the gems hidden in the bowels of the  
>> OM Wiki.
>> Its also a great example of whats wrong with the Wiki.
>> But how do I find it?  Its not listed on the home page,  not on the
>> FreeRunner page,  not on the getting started page?    Unless I search
>> for exactly teh right word or combinations of words I would never  
>> know
>> it existed... The only link I could find, after I knew it existed was
>> Software/distributions/distributions..
>> There has to be some kind of boiler plate format for the design and
>> layout of the Wiki so things are easier to find. You can't rely on  
>> the
>> search engine, it sucks..
>> I think that was the point of the person who recommended the OpenWRT
>> Wiki.  Its design and format was easy to use and helped you find
>> things instead of thwarting you.
>> Scott

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