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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| I just installed script, and made a menu command for it to see what it
| does to my battery. However, the phone wakes up inside a few minutes.
| Someone earlier wrote:
| That's currently the crux of the problem, and why I don't yet use
suspend. It
| resumes on cell registration messages, and each resume is another
chance to
| fail. It also has to resume to accept a call, and not being able to
| resume makes it an unreliable phone.
| So is the cell registration the problem? Is it normal that it wakes up
| from susped this often, which pretty much voids any benefits atm. I know
| it's under development, just curious.

In there kernel we can mark interrupt sources as capable to wake, but
there is no API at the moment to manage what happens to the "waking
session".  I added a "wake reason" /sys file that if you have recent
U-Booy you can check like this:

cat /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-resume.0/resume_reason

Carsten has started on a daemon to handle wakes in userspace that should
eventually parse this and figure out if it can go back to suspend
silently once the wake reason was serviced.

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