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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Subject to wakeups caused by cell reregistration this is true. This
isn't a
| complaint - keep reading ;-) It does a wake to full backlight too,
which is
| distracting and wastes power

Backlight should be fixed for a couple of days now:;a=commitdiff;h=db07519c1dfe916bcf9644bfdc4d7c03707a979e

|> Yes, suspend is unstable, it does not always wake, but nothing a reboot
|> does not solve.

Suspend per se is actually really quite stable (I sat here a few weeks
ago doing 100 in a row with no trouble) except for one issue, something
to do with certain GSM wakes getting in there first and deadlocking it
somehow in resume time.  Unfortunately not for want of trying I can't
reproduce it here using my normal setup... which is why I know suspend
is otherwise really pretty stable on current kernels.  I'll be looking
at it again very soon.

| That's currently the crux of the problem, and why I don't yet use
suspend. It
| resumes on cell registration messages, and each resume is another
chance to
| fail. It also has to resume to accept a call, and not being able to
| resume makes it an unreliable phone.

Yes, it's an issue.  But it seems pretty certain this is "just
software".  Once we fix whatever the remaining issue is with
GSM-provoked (and that much is known, if you turn off GSM before suspend
you don't die in resume any more) resume deadlock and there is the wake
daemon this should eventually be OK.

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