Operation without battery (GTA02)

Alexey Feldgendler alexey at feldgendler.ru
Thu Jul 17 23:25:17 CEST 2008

On Thu, 17 Jul 2008 23:19:13 +0200, Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com> wrote:

> I ran without a battery for many weeks earlier in the year.  It seems to
> be specifically if we enable the PMU charger with no battery, it freaks
> out and goes to PMU STANDBY state.  Earlier in the year, we didn't
> enable charger yet so it hangs together.

What's the advantage of enabling the charger?

>> However, running without a battery isn't really a use case. While  
>> plugged
>> in, the phone can survive without a battery for several seconds, which
>> is enough to quickly insert a spare.

> Well it can be a use case if you don't want GSM... as Joerg said USB
> alone cannot provide enough power for GSM TX usage so there's no hope
> for it (or any other GSM device) being an actual phone with no battery.
> ~ But it's actually a pretty decent embedded / server / smart display
> device aside from the phone aspect useful for other things if it can be
> tethered to some always on power without battery, so I still hope that
> can be gotten to work.

Still not really a use case because nothing stops you from having a  
battery inserted, even while external power is attached.

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