Battery Lifetime

Al Johnson openmoko at
Fri Jul 18 00:13:14 CEST 2008

On Thursday 17 July 2008, Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Subject to wakeups caused by cell reregistration this is true. This
> isn't a
> | complaint - keep reading ;-) It does a wake to full backlight too,
> which is
> | distracting and wastes power
> Backlight should be fixed for a couple of days now:

That's good to hear, thanks. Will this be in the latest daily build along with 
the SD fix? 

> |> Yes, suspend is unstable, it does not always wake, but nothing a reboot
> |> does not solve.
> Suspend per se is actually really quite stable (I sat here a few weeks
> ago doing 100 in a row with no trouble) except for one issue, something
> to do with certain GSM wakes getting in there first and deadlocking it
> somehow in resume time.  Unfortunately not for want of trying I can't
> reproduce it here using my normal setup... which is why I know suspend
> is otherwise really pretty stable on current kernels.  I'll be looking
> at it again very soon.

If you need this testing then point me at the images and let me know what you 
need doing. My cell reregistrations seem to do a fair job of provoking resume 
problems within a few hours on all the images I've tried so far.

> | That's currently the crux of the problem, and why I don't yet use
> suspend. It
> | resumes on cell registration messages, and each resume is another
> chance to
> | fail. It also has to resume to accept a call, and not being able to
> reliably
> | resume makes it an unreliable phone.
> Yes, it's an issue.  But it seems pretty certain this is "just
> software".  Once we fix whatever the remaining issue is with
> GSM-provoked (and that much is known, if you turn off GSM before suspend
> you don't die in resume any more) resume deadlock and there is the wake
> daemon this should eventually be OK.

That was the impression I had got from looking at the list archives, but it's 
nice to hear it confirmed. 

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