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On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Steven Kurylo <sk at>

> > The problem with this is that one needs to think like a programmer to
> > describe your "ideal phone" as a set of rules like these. Not only does
> > one have to think analytically and dissect their concept into orthogonal,
> > machine-checkable rules, but from your examples it's also clear that for
> > such a wide range of possibilities a whole *language* with *expressions*
> > (at least boolean) is necessary.
> I see it as something like sieve.  Its a pretty full language for
> writing rules.  I, as a programmer, I do almost anything I want.  For
> the non-programmers there are various GUIs which allow you to do all
> the simple tasks with a couple clicks.  In fact filter email is fairly
> similar: if these three things are true, do X.  Then I have a stack of
> rules and it goes through them one at time until one is true.
> xpath might work.  There are a few options, though I would try to stay
> away from writing our own if it can be helps.  A plan old python class
> might be enough with function for each possible condition.

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