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Michael Shiloh ??:
> Marek Lindner wrote:
>> On Thursday, 17. July 2008 08:25:54 Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
>>> BTW, has anyone asked Brenda if she wants in on this? And have time 
>>> for it?
>> Happy to see that you bring that point up. I had a long and healthy 
>> discussion with her. The bottom line is:
>> - She really appreciates your wish to help and gladly accepts it.
>> - Mailing list fit into the Western style of communication not in the 
>> Eastern style.
>> - Next to the cultural difference a flood of mails in English is a 
>> problem. A list would be less an issue if the list language would be 
>> Chinese or any other similar language as Japanese, Hongkongnese, etc 
>> (which is not realistic but should show the point). ;-)
>> - Probably she will read the list but never post anything unless you 
>> directly address her (again cultural differences).
>> My suggestion: Create your favorite communication channel. She 
>> probably will follow it but not become an active part in it. Once you 
>> have finishd your discussion send the result to her directly.
>> We still try to help the Eastern people to understand and accept 
>> Western behaviour. That needs time. Meanwhile try to understand and 
>> support them.
>> Greetings,
>> Marek
> Thanks for your insight Marek.
> I plan on being actively involved in this experiment and will actively 
> seek the best way to help our wiki maintenance volunteers, Brenda, the 
> company at large, and the community at large move towards a more 
> useful wiki.
> Suggestions accepted :-)
> Michael

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