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Fri Jul 18 06:01:29 CEST 2008

Stroller ??:
> On 17 Jul 2008, at 08:24, BrendaWang wrote:
>> ...
>> 3. I would like to put the Youtube extension , then we can see the video
>> on wiki. I would like to know if this useful ? Personal opinion , I like
>> to have this.
> I'm unclear why an extension is needed - can't YouTube videos simply 
> be embedded using HTML? - and don't see *massive* benefits to YouTube 
> videos on the wiki.
> But I don't see any disadvantages to having YouTube videos on the 
> wiki, either. Go for it.
Actually , I had ask our IT do this already, let wait for a while, they 
need to evaluate it.
For example , if this will affect security or anything else.

>> I plan to put the rating function on wiki. Perhape it can help many
>> people who visit wiki , know how other people think this page is useful
>> or not.
> This is a great idea!
Thanks for the feed back.
> Also:
> Does the current wiki software allow for templates, like Wikipedia? 
> Sorry if this is obvious - perhaps the Openmoko wiki uses exactly the 
> same software as Wikipedia?
> For instance, sentences in many Wikipedia articles are marked with the 
> words "citation needed" - I see from a little searching that this 
> superscript is added when someone edits the page to include the tag 
> {{cn}} or {{fact}}. Presumably there is a page automatically generated 
> somewhere (I can't immediately find this) which shows all pages using 
> that tag and this one can easily see all pages requiring fact-checking.
> I feel that a similar feature would be useful for the Openmoko wiki - 
> it should probably display "fact check?" rather than "citation needed" 
> and new users should be encouraged to mark any sections they are 
> unsure of or any steps in the HOWTOs that don't work when they follow 
> them.
> Likewise I think there should be a template for software entries which 
> indicates which firmware images - ASU, 2007.2 &c - the page applies 
> to. Just as the Wikipedia entry for the Lotus Elise has an inset which 
> states it to mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, each software page 
> should say whether the article is *about* one of the core firmwares, 
> whether it is steps that can be applied to firmwares FSO & ASU (but 
> not to 2007.2, because that one is incompatible with, say, gpsd) or 
> whether it's software that can be *installed* on the FSO & ASU images 
> (but is preinstalled on 2007.2).
> Perhaps I'm horribly confused, but if my horrible confusion over the 
> different images at least has the correct basis then this would be 
> very beneficial to users.
> Stroller.

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