Strange things

Curtis Vaughan cavaughan at
Fri Jul 18 07:26:58 CEST 2008

Couple of strange things. Maybe someone knows what's up.

1. So, I have my phone set up for Power Manager to dim and then lock. I 
would say about every 3 minutes after it's locked, the screen will come 
up with the "lock". Then it dims and goes out, to come up again about 3 
minutes later.

2. My sound drops off completely every now and again. That is, if someone 
calls, it just vibrates. If I answer I can hear them, but there is no 
ring. But then I noticed when this happens that there is no sound for 
music either. 
I've restarted both alsa and pulse and the music will play, but not the 
Actually after this, I decided to reboot FR and then the music player 
wouldn't start. 
After a second reboot the media player is working.

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