Wiki editors. Citation needed?

Brenda Wang brenda_wang at
Fri Jul 18 08:31:00 CEST 2008

Yes, I agree with you .

Steven ** wrote:
> Again, probably something for the wiki mailing list, but...
> I'd say categories would be a simple way to accomplish at least some
> of this.  I think every application page should have one or more
> category tags that specify which distro it works with.  So, someone
> running OM2007.2 could just go to the OM2007.2 category to see
> software that is related to that distro.
> -Steven
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:03 PM, Stroller
> <stroller at> wrote:
>> Likewise I think there should be a template for software entries
>> which indicates which firmware images - ASU, 2007.2 &c - the page
>> applies to. Just as the Wikipedia entry for the Lotus Elise has an
>> inset which states it to mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, each
>> software page should say whether the article is *about* one of the
>> core firmwares, whether it is steps that can be applied to firmwares
>> FSO & ASU (but not to 2007.2, because that one is incompatible with,
>> say, gpsd) or whether it's software that can be *installed* on the
>> FSO & ASU images (but is preinstalled on 2007.2).

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