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Marek Lindner marek at
Fri Jul 18 09:47:01 CEST 2008

On Thursday, 17. July 2008 20:34:40 digger vermont wrote:
> > - Mailing list fit into the Western style of communication not in the
> > Eastern style.
> I'm curious, what would be the Eastern style?

Eastern people try to avoid all public discussions for various reasons:
- They don't want make other people loose their face. 
- They are educated not no say what they think.
- They are afraid that they get fired (Openmoko one of the few exceptions 
- Often they have the feeling that their supervisor should make the decision 
and not them. So they wait in front of the problem, ignore it and hope it 
goes away.

In contrast to that rumors and guessing is very popular here.  :-)


PS: All that is a bit extreme but should you give a feeling.  ;-)

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