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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|     Poking around in dmesg output, I see lots of these:
|     CRCFAIL 0x1a3f
|     CRCFAIL 0x1a3f
|     But no indication of where they're coming from. They seem to occur
|     at random times during boot.
|     What is CRC failing, and what, if anything, might be broken by that?

These are coming out of WLAN driver, it means there was a corrupted or
truncated SDIO-side packet from the WLAN device.


The link to the post you gave isn't directly relevant, although there's
an amusing story there.  The PMU driver could come to feel that it was
in a crisis that it wanted to deal with by sending a signal to INIT (pid
1) to make a shutdown.

However, PMU driver was feeling this way before userspace got started
and therefore before pid 1 existed.  It turned out that Linux reacts to
this situation by killing the nearest thing to hand, which was the JFFS2
garbage collection thread, with a variety of outcomes including failure
to complete mount of rootfs.  It's long fixed.

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