Strange things

Alex Kavanagh alex at
Fri Jul 18 11:35:06 CEST 2008

Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote, On 18/07/08 08:14:
> 2008/7/18 Matthew Lane <malane at>:
>> I'm also having similar problems.  And sending an SMS message via the
>> GUI on the stock 2007.2 build is via an icon above the contact's number.
> This only works from an existing contact. There isn't a possibility to
> start a message with a blank number, and if you pick a different
> contact and change the number in the message, send seems to do
> nothing.
Stranger still, I just managed to do that with a stock 2007.2 build! 
Just filled in the text message and number and hit the icon at the top. 
There was no 'progress' information but the SMS was sent as I got a
reply back shortly afterwards.


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