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Roland Mas lolando at
Fri Jul 18 11:46:59 CEST 2008

Andy Green, 2008-07-18 10:29:54 +0100 :

> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> |> What's wrong with 100's of resumes / day, as long as each one takes no
> |> longer
> |> than 2~3sec, and is on low power profile?
> |
> | the screen becomes senstive to tapping -- and if your fr is in a place
> | where taps to the screen might occur frequently (say in your bag) it
> will
> | never suspend.
> Touchscreen is not a "wake from suspend" source, so as you suggest it
> didn't get to suspend to make this trouble.  Answer for that is in the X
> world, giving an easy way to get into suspend immediately if you know it
> goes to your bag.

The scenario, as I understand it, is this:
1. Freerunner gets into suspend (either manually or after some time);
2. Freerunner is put into bag;
3. GSM ping gets the phone out of suspend;
4. Freerunner is still in the bag (and you're walking to/from work),
so its touchscreen prevents further suspends.

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