Ears and FR

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at escomposlinux.org
Fri Jul 18 11:48:13 CEST 2008

El Friday, 18 de July de 2008 10:04:13 Yorick Moko va escriure:
> but not always when while you are calling you decide to lay down on your
> back

Well, the train is going to hit me ;-( 

Let's pretend:

Waiting for a call no headset present.

 1 a call arrives to the neo.

 2 user decides to take the call.
       2.1 user notifies neo ( via gesture, touchscreen ...)
 3 neo  connects and locks the screen
 4 when call-end (either side ) restore screen status an wait for next call .

 5 user wants to interact with the neo
        5.1 user notifies neo ( via gesture, touchscreen (draw unlock) ...)
 	5.n user sends call-end.
        5.last-1 gesture neo to the ear or (draw lock).

P.S. - I've never made a pen down event with my ear in the 1973, in fact when 
i tried to do it sme times failed.

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