suspend and immediate wake-up

julien cubizolles j.cubizolles at
Fri Jul 18 11:57:40 CEST 2008

I' m experiencing some problems with the suspend mode, wich seems maybe
different from the ones related in the battery-problems thread, so I'm
starting a new thread.

Most of the time when I put the Freerunner in suspend mode (apm -s or
the sleep script from the wiki) it goes completely blank, as expected,
but wakes up immediately after (I didn't touch it of course). Therefore
the suspend-mode is useless to save power.

I checked that this happends only when the GSM antenna is on. I'm
running the mewster-andy kernel

Also, I'm confused about the so-called power-saving modes from the Power
Menu : regardless of the choice of dim+lock or dim-only, the Freerunner
always locks after some time.

Finally : is there a way to prevent the screen from locking when in a
conversation ? It's rather strange to have to unlock the screen to hang


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