Rules based policy engine

matt joyce matt.joyce at
Fri Jul 18 12:33:35 CEST 2008

> However, I would've thought that if every application can generate and
> consume 'events', then all that is needed in your policy app is the
> ability to look for combinations of events (and/or states?) and generate
> new events that other apps can pick up?  Is that what you were thinking.

> This has the downside that all of the 'intelligence' is in an external
> script/rules engine and not in the apps.  That might be an 'upside'. 
> Alternatively, each 'rule' could be it's own script which waits on
> certain events and then fires out new events that are picked up by the
> other applications to do things.
As I see it the trouble with each rule being an isolated process, or 
script, is that conflict detection might become a bit of a headache.

> Love the idea, though.
> Cheers
> Alex.
Thank you


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