new list for wiki (and other documentation) maintainers, and anyone interested in helping them

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Jul 18 20:00:56 CEST 2008


A number of community members have volunteered to put time into our 
wiki. There followed some discussion about how best to proceed, and 
quickly a suggestion was made to create a separate list to allow this 
coordination to take place without bothering those uninterested.

After a number of suggestions, we agreed to name the new mailing list 
simply "wiki".

In spite of this, I decided to take a different approach and named the 
new mailing list "documentation".

The reason is simple: All documentation needs to be coordinated: wiki, 
web pages, printed, etc. There is rarely a reason to duplicate what is 
already available, and by focusing on what is documented nowhere we make 
good use of our time. Also, it is common for one form of documentation 
to refer to another, and changes should be synchronized. Finally, a 
consistent theme be very nice.

 From a practical point of view, 95% of our current documentation is in 
fact just the wiki, so I don't think it will make much of a difference 
anyway. We don't need to worry about wiki maintainers being drowned out 
by our other documentors.

And finally, if this really is a problem we can change it.


If you volunteered to be a wiki maintainer, please visit and sign up 
for the new list.

If you are interested in following the discussion, or have suggestions 
or other helpful comments please join as well. This list is not 
restricted to those doing the work.

Please note that the list is primarily intended to help the wiki 
maintainers and other documentation organizers coordinate amongst 
themselves in order to improve our documentation. We intend for a high 
signal-to-noise ratio, and threads not deemed sufficiently useful will 
be requested to move elsewhere.

Please show your appreciation to the wiki maintainers by using the list 
for its intended purpose.

I am on the list, and I welcome your feedback and comments on the list 
if your comments move us towards the goal of improving our 
documentation, or privately otherwise.


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