no sd card and slow start times

Josh Thompson om-comm at
Fri Jul 18 22:11:49 CEST 2008

I cannot seem to get my sd card mounted.  Before using it in my freerunner, I 
put it in the adapter and copied some stuff to it using my laptop.  I've done 
an upgrade on the system today.  I never tried it before upgrading.  It never 
gets mounted anywhere under /media or /mnt.  I don't see anything about it 
in /proc/partitions.  Is there a certain kernel module that needs to be 

Also, starting sometime today (probably around upgrading it), I've been 
getting stuck on the start screen where it has the openmoko log and 
says "Please wait..." for a long time whenever it boots (long being > 5 
minutes).  The applet icons are there and the power and aux buttons bring up 
their respective menus.  I can shell in to it over usb.  Running top shows 
pretty minimal usage (10-15%) with neod and pulseaudio being the top 
processes.  Any ideas?

Thanks so much to the Openmoko team for such a great device!


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