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Fri Jul 18 22:22:59 CEST 2008

Although Ekiga runs slower it's free-software and so I support it!

andres <andres at paglayan.com> wrote: Hi,

As I feel anxious about running an extension of my asterisk in the
Freerunner, I wrote an email to the Ekiga people asking them to provide
a Openmoko compiled binary for it.

As I do most of my work on interpreted languages (Ruby) and I am
compiler-dumb, it will take very long for me to get an Ekiga openmoko
binary, so I selfishly asked to those who'll probably get it done in a
very short time.

Their email addresses are

Ekiga's Author 
Main Coder and Project Maintainer: Damien Sandras

Regular Contributors 
Regular Contributors: Kilian Krause , Julien Puydt
, Luc Saillard , Jan Schampera
, Matthias Schneider ,
Craig Southeren 

May be if they get enough whining...

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