Funny thing happened on the way to making a call...

Gary Oliver go at
Fri Jul 18 23:29:33 CEST 2008

Using the latest  (as of 7/18) release version, I tried to enter and 
address book entry for my other phone.  Was a bit difficult, but I 
thought I had succeeded.  After getting it entered, I tried to dial 
using that entry.

What happened, instead, was that it used one of the SIM card addresses 
for "411" and dialed IT instead.  The call log, however, showed a 
completely BLANK phone number.

Sure am glad I didn't have a 911 in the SIM card...

I'm hoping to get back to looking at the source code soon, but I'm still 
trying to the the whole thing to compile without errors (Using 
MokoMakefile.)  Makes it mostly through (after about 10 hours) but stops 
about 4200 of 4500 (approximately.)  I scrupulously checked to make sure 
I've done all of the steps used for "setting up" from the Wiki.  How 
reliably has the source tree been as for being in a "compilable" state 
throughout?  I remember back with OE on the Zaurus days, it seemed that 
about 9 out of 10 days I tried  it, something trivial was broken.  Stuff 
checked in that didn't compile or dependencies that didn't get updated.

Still, things are progressing nicely.  This will be a awesome device 
when the software reaches maturity.  My neice has stolen my second FR so 
she can show her friends a phone that "noone else can get."  She's 
suffering through some of the warts and thorns at the moment, but she is 
patient (at least reasonably patient for a 15 year old...)

I wish I could contribute more (I'm planning to do a couple of python 
applets that will temporarily allow me to do some Wifi and GPRS setups 
until the 'real' thing comes down the pike.  I'll post a link when they 
are ready.)


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